by Martin Ballendat (Ballendat Design)

The shiny backrest bar not only indicates well-conceived ergonomics – it also gives it its name. La Cinta means: The belt.


LACINTA - Driver of innovation with leadership qualities

Design is the language and comfort its signature. Both are closely linked to anatomical precision. The upholstered swivel and cantilever chairs leave nothing to chance. They provide good vibrations. Easy on your back. And with a powerful presence.


Discover endless possibilities of this chair for aesthetically successful design solutions.


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1 EL 422 with armrests, Omega fabric

Cantilever chair with armrests, medium- high backrest, fully covered in fabric.


2 EL 402 medium-high, Omega fabric

Swivel chair with Syncro-Dynamic Advanced ® mechanism with integrated armrests and backrest bar, medium-high backrest, seat upholstered, backrest covered.


Technology and Options

  • High-quality aluminium housing
  • 8° backrest tilt
  • Tension setting for see-saw function
  • Can be locked in an upright sitting position
  • Seat-height adjustment
  • Sub-frame in steel chrome
  • Plastic glides for carpet (standard)
  • Felt glides for parquet, linoleum and stone (optional)
  • Rigid, polished die-cast aluminium armrests with black polypropylene (PP) armpads, optionally covered in various leather colours (cantilever chair/conference swivel chair)
  • Three-part seat shell including active pelvic support in high-quality polypropylene (PP) with breathable, CFC-free moulded foam cushion
  • Changeable seat upholstery
  • Backrest metal frame with tensioned OMEGA mesh fabric and filled with PU foam (15 mm) (EL 4xx)
  • Backrest metal frame tensioned with surrounding elastic fabric, filled with PU foam and upholstered in synthetic fleece with leather or textile cover
  • Backrest bar powder-coated die-cast aluminium polished (EL 1xx)
  • Breathable moulded-foam cushions, CFC-free, density 65 kg/m³ for the seat and 15 kg/m³ cut foam for the backrest
  • The upholstery fabrics can easily be removed, sorted and recycled

Model variantes

EL 111 without armrests, fully upholstered
EL 111
EL 112 wit armrests, fully upholstered
EL 112
EL 121 without armrests, fully upholstered
EL 121
EL 122 wit armrests, fully upholstered
EL 122

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