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Simple and unobtrusive – in its shaping and its price.


Forma - The entry model to the ZÜCO class

And no compromises: Either with the height-adjustable backrest or with the comfort upholstery.


Discover endless possibilities of this chair for aesthetically successful design solutions.

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2 RO 104 Swivel chair, high backrest, armrests

Swivel chair, with Syncro-Quickshift®- plus mechanic, with armrests, high back, completely upholstered.


Technology and Options

  • The seat and backrest follow the movements of the person sitting synchronously and at an angle geared to physical needs
  • Rapid adjustment of the backrest counterpressure while sitting (for bodyweights of approx. 50–125 kg) using the side-mounted tension adjustment feature
  • Synchronised movement can be locked in four positions
  • Pre-selectable seat tilt (-1° / -3.5° / -6°)
  • Sliding seat depth-adjustable (60 mm)
  • Lockable seat-depth adjustment
  • Anatomically shaped seat and backrest cushions
  • Contoured lumbar section in moulded foam
  • Plastic base, glass-fibre reinforced (PA6) in black (RAL 9011, standard on swivel chair)
  • Polished die-cast aluminium base (optional on swivel chair)
  • Hard castors for soft floors, locked when chair is not in use (standard)
  • Soft castors for hard floors (optional)
  • Width and height-adjustable (100 mm) 2F armrests, black polyamide (30% glass fibres) with no composite materials, solid coloured to preserve colour even in the event of deep scratches
  • 4F multifunctional armrests, height and width-adjustable, black polyamide (30% glass fibres) with no composite materials, solid coloured, adjustable armpads (depth/width/angle), black PU foam
  • Supporting shell in PA6 plastic with plastic insert, breathable, CFC-free moulded-foam cushion
  • Changeable seat upholstery 
  • Moulded beechwood backrest shell with breathable, CFC-free moulded foam cushion, easily removable
  • PUMA woven fabric in two colours standard for tensioned backrest part, optionally available with full upholstery
  • Breathable moulded-foam cushions, CFC-free, density 65 kg/m³ for the seat and 40 kg/m³ for the backrest

Model variantes

RO 103 Swivel chair, high backrest
RO 103
RO 104 Swivel chair, high backrest, armrests
RO 104
RO 123 Cantilever chair
RO 123

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