Lounge & Public Space 

Comfort and elegance in every area of life. Experience our classic chair Perillo to new novalties like the elegant Averio lounge chair. Be surprised by the multifaceted portfolio of the Lounge & Public Space models. 

Office & Conference

Work should be fun, our working environment should promote creativity, strengthen our well-being and maintain our health. Our swivel chairs want to make their contribution to this, are ergonomically well thought-out and designed with attention to detail. 

Home office interpreted in a modern way

Flexible work concepts have many advantages, one of which is the design of the workplace according to your wishes and needs. Configure your office chair for the home office now!

See, feel, experience ...

At Züco, our central concern is to develop timelessly elegant products for living and working spaces in partnership with reputable designers, experienced product developers and technically skilled design engineers. We conform to the highest standards as regards the quality of materials we use, in terms of craftsmanship, we strive for perfection. Discerning clients, project sponsors and architects around the world value the products we offer on the basis of this philosophy.